Covid has hit home

Doug Lester

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I've worried about you and all the other people who are especially at risk for this disease. Do whatever you have to do to keep you and Cindy safe and on the mend. God willing, these new vaccines will help nock this thing down and that you and Cindy are put at the head of the line. My prayers for the both of you.



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Ed, you and Cindy are in our prayers, you take care an hope Cindy gets over it soon. My son and wife had it , he was two weeks getting over it, he is 58, I try and stay out of the way as I am nearly 86 stay safe all. Deane

J. Doyle

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Take care if yourselves Ed. Praying it passes quickly with no lingering issues.

Its different for everyone but both my brothers and my mom had it. None of them isolated from their families wholesale and none passed it to anyone else in their families. All have recovered with no lasting effects.

Hopefully the same will be true for you guys.


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Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!
An update: Since going to the ER on Tuesday morning, it's been up and down for Cindy. In the A.M. she has severe headache, to the point of nausea, and her temperature spikes to just about 101F, and at those times here 02 is down to 90-91%. Then in the P.M. she's almost her normal self. No headache, nausea, temp is normal, and 02 sat is 96-97%..... she says she's "just really tired". Then the cycle repeats the next day.

Something else we learned.... 3 days before going to the ER, Cindy went to the Walk-In, and when the pulled blood, her liver enzymes were 5-6X higher then normal. When she was in the ER, they drew/tested more blood, and the liver enzymes were back to normal. ER Doc said that in "some people" they have noticed the liver enzymes spiking like that at the peak of infection, in those with specific blood types.

I'm enough of a science nerd to understand that a naturally occurring virus doesn't present so many varied symptoms across the various blood types..... call me crazy, but the evidence just keeps mounting towards this virus being "engineered" versus naturally occurring.

Anyway, I'm keeping very cautious, and so far not showing any signs/symptoms.... so let's hope it stays that way. We're still living/sleeping in different parts of the house, and have a mask on anytime I'm in the house. Most of the time is in the shop. If for some reason you don't see me posting or responding for a couple of days..... you can check on me through email, or if necessary, I'll have Cindy leave a message here on the forums.
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I've been praying for ya since I read about this on Facebook the other day. We just had to bury my finances grandma last weekend because of covid. It seems to affect different people differently, her grandma got the respiratory issues and her grandpa got the headaches and intestinal issues. Please be safe, I look forward to seeing you again someday soon!


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Also Ed, about what you were saying about blood types. I agree it is really weird, I've been told AB blood is most likely to have issues while type O is the least...very weird

Sean Jones

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Thanks for the update Ed. I believe I mentioned before my daughter caught the Covid about a month ago. It scared the hell out of me. She has asthma and under health issues that I thought would effect her. Instead it turned out to feel like little more than a case of the flu. She's had some after effects but nothing serious.

Like Jeremy and others have mentioned it's a strange one and affects everyone different.

Stay safe.

Johan Nel

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Hi Ed, you and your family are in our thoughts and our prayers.
I contracted Covid myself in early November and it took me more than three weeks to get rid of it. I experienced it as very tenacious to get rid of.
I trust that you and Cindy will overcome this soon and you not contracting it.


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I've heard the blood type stuff and I've heard how it "comes and goes". One minute you're sick and the next you feel pretty good. Definitely not a typical type of virus. Not sure if it does any good, but do the vitamin and zinc routine. Can't hurt! Get better before xmas!


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Is your're wife feeling better now, Ed?
She is, thanks for inquiring! Poor girl, in all our years, I'd never seen her that sick...scared the heck outta me. She is still having the bouts of fatigue, but the are slowly becoming less and less.

I'm hoping the vaccine gets around to me sooner rather then later. For me it's a no brainer, with my issues. Cindy say's she's not getting it until she feels it's been "tested enough". Which I'd likely do if I were fully healthy.