Coote Grinder

Ben Sellers

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I have a 2x72 Coote grinder with 10” wheel for sale for $500. It has a glass platen and a 1.5 hp 120v wired motor. I have step pulleys on the motor and on the grinder wheel do there is a large amount of speed variability for a motor without a VFD. Please note the damage to one of the step pulleys. This happened when I put this system together and it has run with this damage for a couple of years with no observable ill effects. I don’t think it affects the operation at all, but I want to disclose this just in case. I don’t want to ship, but I will meet you halfway up to 2 hours from Auburn, Al. I have a good many ceramic 2x72 belts that I will throw in as well. This is a good, solid grinder that works well. We are moving and I’m loosing my shop space.