Coote Grinder 10" wheel and Disc Attachment (LOCAL PICK UP ONLY)


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I have a used but operational Coote. It does need some cleaning and shows some wear but operates fine. It was my main machine before stepping up to a 3 wheel with variable speed. It has a 10" wheel and disc attachment. The glass platen attachment probably needs to be switched out and although I have some small wheels that go with it but there is no small wheel attachment. You'll have to buy and install another small wheel attachment from Norm Coote which is like $145.00. It does not come with a motor so you'll have to get a motor and a pulley sheave, and a belt. I'm asking $250.00 LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. If you have a motor or are diligent you can get one cheap and spring for the pulley, platen glass, and small wheel attachment, you can have a decent running machine for fairly cheap. I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance.


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Geez can't believe I forgot that part. .. Orange County California. Right by Fullerton College.
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I am very interested. I am in Central Cal, but have a friend in Irvine that might be able to pick it up for me. Please call me
Brad Spring at 559-920-4575 or