Convex edge on k110 and D2

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Hello there. Recently I got a lot of K110 in 3,5mm thickness for about 70 knives. I will make some hunting/general use knives in various forms, between 3 and 5 inch blades, and I tought that flat grind with secondary edge would be fine for that steel. However I wondered is that steel is capable to hold a fine convex edge on that thickness, maybe with small ammount of unbeveled portion to the back of the blade . Blades are about 30mm wide. I have also 1.2397 (german D2) in 4,5mm for some stronger blades. Does anyone make convex on K110 or D2?

My average results on HT and tempering of D2 and K110 are:
1040C for 15-20min soak, oil, two times temper on 200C for one hour and HRC 60-61
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