contact cement?

J S Machine

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I've seen a few tutorials where people used some sort of glue in between pieces of leather, and I think I have heard it called contact cement. Is this what it is?

If so, is there any place I can get it locally, like a hardware store or Walmart?


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Yup! Look for the little bottle with the brush in the lid, its in the glue section at Wal Mart.

Dap Weldwood. It comes in the little bottle and in a quart size can there.

Its the least expensive place to find it.

Use with caution, it tends to get everywhere and on everything. Hard as heck to get off the front of your project.


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Also beware when using. When they say contact, they mean contact. There is no changing things once the two pieces of leather touch each other. If you try to part the two, very often the leather gives before the glue gives.

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a couple things to consider when using it...

contact cement needs to be applied to both surfaces.
It needs to dry out a bit before applying both surfaces.
Often, when gluing leather it soaks into the leather and doesn't leave enough on the surface to bond. You may need to apply more than one coat, especially on the flesh (rough) side. It should look shiny but feel dry to the touch.
When you mate the parts, hammer it together while trying to avoid marking the leather with the hammer.
If done properly, the leather will fail before the joint does.

If some gets on the smooth side before dying, it it seems like it always does, let it dry and use a pencil eraser to remove it or it acts like a resist to dye and you will have a big goober looking spot after dying. If you try and wipe it off wet, you will smear it in and you will definitely have a light spot there when dyed.

J S Machine

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Thanks for the replies folks. I picked some up and will use it in a few days. I'm working on my first sheath.