Completed another one


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Didn't turn out quite like I had expected but it's still a seller.


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Blade steel is 3/16" D2
OAL = 8 7/8"
BL = 4 3/8"
HANDLE= Stabilized Giraffe Bone
Bolsters and Pins = 416 S/S

Kris Martinelli

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At first it looks like a folder, was that the intention? Also I like the wide handle and bolsters. Some prefer thin, but this knife screams tough with elegance!! What is the price tag and is there a sheath. Once again great work!


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The knife wasn't intended to look like a folder but ended up that way after grinding a little too much during the profile phase but looked to good to just stop there and scratch the blade. The knife was sold for $200 just today but did not get a chance to get pics of the sheath before leaving the shop. The customer was in a hurry to pick up the knife.