Commando Dagger Project


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Very nice video, and interesting music choice too... :) Dagger looks fantastic, but is it the Raider? or Radder? I think either would work...

John Barker

Looks great. Daggers are tough. I have only done 2. The 3" wheel is the perfect size for them though. Are you up for the Ti handled version now?

Les George

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Ti handle would not be any harder to make, but it would defeat the purpose. It needs to be handle heavy to keep the tip fast. ;)

Original ones where cast brass. TO me that is is a loud statement to make knife handles out of brass during WW2. Brass is for bullets in war...


I have always loved these knives. It is hard to find good ones, most of them are made with cheap materials and there are not much custom knife makers that are willing to make one that is worth it.
For me the best design was the one of the Victory 42, I think they were proudly made in the US by Case cutlery.
In good hands that can be the ultimate tool for self defense.

That one you made right there is a work of art.
Congrats to the owner.

Rob Nelson

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Wow, nicely done! I believe everyone should own a good dagger at least once in their lives. I've got a no kidding WW2 F/S (brass) that I took diving with me in the Red Sea and proceeded to sheath (in leather) and drop in the dive bag and forget. :sad: I found it (years later) a couple of months ago, green scrubbied it, and shot it with rustoleum. I'm afraid I killed it. :sad: