Collaboration with Matt Gregory

J. Doyle

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A couple years ago Matt Gregory and I struck up a conversation (and friendship) and decided that we would get together and collaborate on a knife. Matt came to my shop and we worked together to make a hunting knife in my style. Some of you may remember.

Recently I was fortunate enough to host Matt again and he brought with him a new idea for a collaborative effort. He suggested this time we do a set of blades in his Japanese-inspired style. This was new to me but I was all for it.

So we profiled a matching set of blades that were clearly in his style and decided to each finish one of them separately with our own unique finishing touches and see where we ended up.

We had some setbacks out of our control and back-burnered the project for a bit, but were able to make some tweaks and adjustments and get rolling again. We were hoping for a clearly matched set, similar in shape and materials but each showcasing our own flair in the finished knives. I think we accomplished that.

This was out of my wheelhouse and challenging at times and so rewarding. I'm very happy with my blade. Matt went the extra mile and delivered his typical style but with some really cool innovative handle/guard shapes. Both knives are nice apart, but the set together is really cool.

My blade is w2 etched dark with hamon while Matt's is cpm3v, satin finished. Both feature black g-10 and bronze fittings with matching koa handles. Both blades have both our makers marks. Coop shot the impressive photo.

Here is the end result:


Dennis Morland

John - You tricked me. I would have guessed your knife was the hamon, file work, and coined spacer. Wrong. I had to look twice. You got me.

Von Gruff

Really nice collaboration John with both being superb iterations on the knife style but my preference is for the round handle over the concave, the coined guard over the mulit point, and while I do like the filework and the hamon there is something about the high saber ground blade that appeals to me a little more.

C Craft

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When you said Matt Gregory, I remembered the name. Had to go to the and find his avatar!! Yep it is the man with the hat!!


Wow those pieces are two fine knives!!