Coffin Box bowie FINISHED

Doug Humbarger

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Finally finished her. My first bowie attempt.
I don't know if I will make a sheath or a display
case or both. She weights in at 1lb 14 oz.

Blade ATS 34 RC60.
1/4" thick 10 1/2" long x 2" wide.
Copper & nickel silver liner.

I made the guard from a 420 layer (if I remember
correctly) twist damascus billet that I watched
MS Tim Potier make. That is NOT a summer time job!!
It is now my firm opinion that ALL forging should be done in the winter!

Ebony handle with copper & NS pins.
Tell me what you think. Thats the only way to improve.

BTW I just had to include my Great Grandfathers 41 cal derringer in the photo.





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Denny Eller

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Doug, that is outstanding work!!! Every part of it shows real craftsmanship. My 2 cents worth - a display case with the derringer in it, too.


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Doug you did an excellent job. I like it.
A couple of thoughts; Why the copper oval in front of the guard? It almost looks like you are trying to hide something. As nice as the guard looks the copper piece takes away from the asthetic value just a bit for me. Why the raised pins in the handle? If it were to be used (and all knives IMHO - show pieces or otherwise should look like they are meant to be used) wouldnt they irritate the hand?
Trust me, you did a whole lot better than I could have done, and I do like the knife.

Doug Humbarger

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I questioned myself quite a bit about the copper in front of the guard for exactly the reason you mentioned. The blade to guard fit is perfect as I did it on a milling machine. It just seemed to go well with the copper liner. Maybe I should have left it off. The raised copper pins don't bother the hand but the points on the back of the guard do. Especially the top ones. I won't do that again. Thanks for your insight Eric. I appreciate it.



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I have to disagree about the copper spacer in front of the guard. I believe the spacer compliments the piece very well given the copper frame and pins. Copper and ebony are always a successfull combination in my book!


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IMHO...The copper spacer would have complimented the other copper accessories more had it been just a bit thicker, and beveled back towards the guard, giving the appearance of continuity. The copper spacer would enhance the other copper furniture without the appearance of an addition.
But again, I like it, and you should be proud of it.


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I really like the knife a lot, but share Lagrange's thoughts about the copper. Did you consider putting it on the back (handle side) of the guard? That might also help with the continuity.

Overall its an excellent knife, though! I'm seriously nitpicking by mentioning the spacer.

Wade Hougham

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I have had a knife on my table, at shows, that I thought was down right ugly but well crafted. One gentleman made a comment that he thought it was the nicest knife on the table. You can't please all of the people all of the time. Having said that, congratulations and great craftsmanship on this bowie. Wade


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I like it.
With cooper without copper, in the front of the guard, behind the guard, it looks good.
Like the way the false edge just runs off before the point.
Good choice of materials.
The only thing that I can see is the ricasso is a little too tall, for my taste.
But I still like it:35: