cocobolo or rosewood?

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I've seen some stabilized cocobolo and rosewood but most every one in the trade also recommends against stabilizing high oil content wood like those and ironwoods.
Can you give us any pointers on if it will work or to what level of success we will get stabilizing those kinds of woods.


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I don't think rosewood or cocobolo needs to be stabilized, whether they can be stabilized to any great effect I'm not at all sure about.
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High oil content woods do not stabilize well. If the oil content is high, it will affect the chemistry of the resin. Also, Cocobolo, rosewoods, ironwood, etc are some of the most dense wood. Density equals very little space in the wood to get resin into. I can be done but don't expect to get a lot of benefit from it, IMO. Even the stuff you see offered that is "stabilized" is not going to have a very high concentration of resin. Remember, I can stick a piece of wood in minwax wood hardener and claim it is "stabilized"!

IMO, not worth the time to mess with it. The again, I have a large knife company on the east coast that uses Cactus Juice for all their knives. They do cocobolo as well as ebony and admit they don't get a lot of concentration of resin but the bit they get, they feel like it is worth the effort. They say it polishes up better for them and resists cracking.