Christmas Wishes and Gratitude


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Although still a couple of days away, I'd like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and hopes for a wonderfully prosperous New Year!

I'd also like to express my thanks and gratitude to our entire community for the kindness, friendship, and support. It's been a rough end to 2017 for me, but after a decade of dealing with ab pain, I had surgery just a couple of days ago. Still feeling like I was whacked in the gut with a ball bat, but once the surgery sites heal up, I'm hoping that I can dump all the pain meds, and get myself going strong in both the shop, and in creating new videos for

Words can't express how much this wonderful knifemaking community means to me. Makes me feel like I always have friends close by, and the level of civility and sharing here are beyond compare! Thanks to everyone who makes this forum/community more than just a knife forum...... it's more like family! Let's make 2018 the best one yet, and keep it going for many years to come!

God Bless, and all the best from the Caffreys!!
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Ed...thank you for all the good advice and kind humor you provide here. I hope 2018 is a pain free year for you! Merry Christmas!!