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Hey Dogs. Its that time of year again. and in the spirit of GIVING I have a nice pile of knife making swag.. So I wanted to give it to some of my fellow Dogs for Christmas.

Here is a partial list of the items and I will add a final list and photos SOON. As promised.

Here are some images of some of the stuff hat will be sent out. I think I will put together as many flat rate boxes as I can fill then I will know how many WINNERS I get to pick from the list! At this point. There is over $1000.00 worth of goodies getting boxed up and given away.

I also wanted to add if you get a box and there is materials in there you cant use. To please Pay it forward to another maker who can.

Partial list..

2 Stag Crowns
4 knife lanyards with scull beads.
3 damascus lanyard beads.
4 damascus billets
10 HHH T shirts
and of course. BURL!!!
4 Burl Blocks
4 Black laminate blocks from the 70's I scored from Mark
4 sets of Burl scales
5 Folder clips

And a partridge in a pear Trrrrrreeeeeeeee (breath) EEEEeeeee!

There will be many winners. I will use Random Number Gen to select the winners. Each winner will receive a package or flat rate envelope with a array of materials and supplies Some will have T shirts, some will have Damascus etc. not all will be the same. I originally said you can win 2 gifts. But due to how I plan to do this I am revising it to everyone gets a chance at 1 gift box and it will likely have a few items included...

To enter is easy. Just post here with a Im in. Bonus points for a funny story or a memorable Christmas story. etc.

You can enter once a day from now till Dec 17th. I will ship the winners stuff out so it should be to ya B4 Christmas!! Every member is welcome to enter. Worldwide.

God Bless you all and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Winners of the Boxes of knife making stuff!!!
Post number 45, 159, 138 and 22

and Winners of the 4 shirts are
Post numbers 39, 97, 101, ans 164



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Keith Willis

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I'm in ..thanks Randy
Got a funny one...well it is funny now...I am guessing it was in 96' and my son was into the Pokémon craze...We would always open gifts and gather up all the paper and boxes
just whatever would burn. We had bought him several packs of the Pokémon cards and some of them had gotten thrown in with the trash. When I went out to burn all the paper
my son went with me.We had us a good fire going and I happen to stir the paper so it would all burn,when we both happen to look down and about half those cards were on fire
You can imagine me trying to save the cards, with my son screaming get em out, get em out! Needless to say, we went the next day and bought more cards.

God bless

Jason Wernli

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I'm IN! Thanks Randy. Super Fun.
Christmas story - Years ago my daughter was given one of those electronic Telle-tubby (sp???) dolls. It was SUPER creepy, and my daughter did not like it. My solution... Take it to the desert and dismantle it with a 44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk. It was way less creepy after 6 rounds of 230 grain lead traveling 1400 feet per second went through it...
- Jason


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Hey, that's a GREAT idea! I'm in!!!!! I've always dreamed about some of your wonderful Damascus..... and burls are GREAT.

I'll try to come up with a funny story for tomorrow.... Oh, I got one. When my oldest daughter was about 4 or 5, my wife was planning to start college classes again. We had been talking about her talking a Spanish class. First day when wife went by to pick up daughter on the way home, daughter asks "Well, can you talk to the fish?" Took a minute to figure what she was talking about. The only Spanish she was familiar with was Spanish Mackerel, so to her little mind, Mom was going to learn to talk with Spanish Mackerel.

Ken H>

Dennis Morland


Thank you for sharing the Christmas Spirit.

I do not think this is all that funny. Others have told me that it is. When I was probably 10 years old my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Being a wisecracker - I replied sarcastically "A Barbie doll".

Guess what I got. Yep, a Barbie doll. To all the young folks out there . . . do not be sarcastic to your mother at Christmas.

Freds Edge

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Randy , thanks I'm in . Just a quick story , I was at the butcher shop in town and stated that I had not gotten a buck , the butcher said not to worry that I had all ready gotten the same number as last year.

Justin Presson

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I'm in thanks for the chance, I hope you all have a merry Christmas.

One of my best Christmas memories and gifts ever was a Ruger 7mm mag I got when I was 14. We were not rich by no means so I know it was alot for my parents to spend.
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If it's alright that a beginner jumps on, I'm in. I also have to say that I absolutely love your work, and I think it's neat that you give so much credit to God with your work.

God Bless,