Chisolm Trail Show

Andy Garrett

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That was the biggest gun show I've ever seen in Wichita!! Chisolm Trail has grown!

It was good to see Harvey King and Mike Miller at their regular tables, but I guess Dan couldn't make it on Sunday at least. I hope you made it out Saturday, as the other guys reported good sales.

Sure wish I had time to make some knives...

Steve Culver

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The Chisholm Trail Show is great. I hated to give it up when my schedule got too busy with other shows.

I would have came to visit and see everyone at the CT show, but I was in North Carolina at the Haywood Bladesmithing Symposium. I got to spend some time with Steve Rapp there and learn how he makes the wrapped handles for San Francisco bowies. I've got an order for a San Francisco bowie and wanted to see how a Master at that style made them. So, it was a great opportunity for me.

mike miller

Andy it was good to see you again. Always a treat to see what Harvey brings. Dan had to work all weekend. I was hoping to see some more of his work as he is always improving. His little blog in Blade really set him off.

Dan Dick

Guys you don't know how hard it is to have to cancel shows for me right now. I had to cancel the Garden City show and the March Chisholm Trail show, always good shows for me. My work schedule has been extremely crazy allowing no shop time. For example I had two full days off in February, the 27th & 28th. It's been like this since November pretty much. Mike thanks for your kind words, I'd like to think I'm improving with each batch I make. The article in Blade gave me numerous orders & I'm extremely grateful for it, now I just need shop time to fill those orders.