Chef knives project


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I want to make a shorter chef knife for my wife any tips or advice anyone can give me. I'm thinking 01 carbon steel a hollow grind and I'm a patina it with vinegar.

Andre Grobler

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You can do a large diameter hollow, or ramp the hollow larger with quite a bit of effort. Hollow grinds are useful for peelers and the reverse sides of single bevel japanese blades, but only when the wheel is large. You can also do an s-grind which was popularised by Robin Dalman.
But on the balance of probabilities a very flat convex will be the best geometry for a general purpose kitchen knife...
Stiff veg and hollow grinds are not fun... and if you do a hollow thin enough for a good kitchen knife - it could wobble easily in some of the tougher kitchen duties...

O1 is a fine choice - but the nicest patina for me on it is cutting a good amount of fatty meat first and a good polish before that, the. You laya foundation of nice colours and passivation


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This is one I did with 3/32, 01 Tool Steel. Full Distal Taper and ground with no plunge line. It also has Mahogany scales and my own Mosaic pin. This project was a lot of fun and I use it all the time. IMG_20180907_59201.jpg