Cashenblades is going Down Under!

Discussion in 'Matherton Forge' started by Kevin R. Cashen, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Kevin R. Cashen

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    As my education efforts have expanded over the years I have found myself traveling more and more, I spend more time in airports than most of my friends with corporate jobs, and international travel has been increasingly part of it. But I am starting off 2018 with the farthest I have ever gone to speak and teach, literally the other side of the world.


    The Australian Knife Art Association has invited me to be the key note speaker at their 2018 Australian Blade Symposium, where I will present on topics such as “Heat Treatment and Metallurgy of Blade Steels”, “Blade design and functional considerations in steel selection” and “Heat Treatment Troubleshooting.” It is a distinct honor to be recognized widely enough to be invited to other countries to help advance the craft of bladesmithing.


    While in the Sydney area, I have been invited to work with some of the local smiths on some quillon dagger forging, before traveling on to Canberra for the symposium and another week of dagger fun. It is exciting to see bladesmithing grow and become an international brotherhood of dedicated craftsman. I am also particularly honored that such a very talented group of makers find my input of such value that they have invited me to join them, I do believe the exchange of ideas will be wonderful.

    For more information you can find the event on Facebook here- Australian Blade Symposium Facebook
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  2. Don Robinson

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    Have a nice time way down there, Kevin :)
  3. Kevin R. Cashen

    Kevin R. Cashen Super Moderator

    Don, I am so sick and tired of this winter in Michigan that I would have a nice time anywhere that was warm! If I wasn't going there, by early March I would be ready to do a forge welding demo in the middle of Death Valley!
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  4. KenH

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    Congrats Kevin - they are lucky to have you come and teach. Enjoy your trip..... and the summer weather.
  5. Justin Presson

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    Thats sounds like alot of fun!

    If you dont say or have someone say "Thats not a knife" it was not a successful
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  6. J. Hoffman

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    Very cool! Have fun

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