Case xx Kitchen Knives???

Mike Jones

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I was volunteering at my local church's rummage sale set up, and I found a set of Case kitchen knives. They were in very good condition (appears that most of them have gone through the dishwasher more than just a couple times) :mad: The spines of the handles appear to have warped or shrunk slightly so there is a gap on either side of the steel. They were sort of a grayish dull color, so I sharpened them up and whipped out the wax. I didn't spend much time waxing them total, and I'll probably touch them up more later, but the chef's knife handle looks really good! It almost looks like they used every knife EXCEPT for the chef's knife. It does not show the gaps on the handle like all of the others. I may put a new handle on all of the other ones, but a little bit of wax brought out some more life.

Enough of the talking now, here's the pics! Think they're worth the $5 I spent for them?

Close up of the Chef's knife:

And it passed the Mike's apple snack test ;)


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I worked in country store when I was a kid, early 60's. We had a large CASE display, mostly pocket knives. The owner of the store got one of those sets as a gift from CASE, sort of a promotional. It was made by Chicago Cutlery for CASE, I remember the box it came in.

The display had a big folder inside a glass case with the folders arranged in a fan. You opened it from the back where the folders were stored. I wish I had that display today. In the glass case below we had MARBLE and Camilius Hunters and a few Camilius folders.

This was in upstate NY.

Mike Jones

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That's very interesting! I tried to look up the numbers on the blades, but I really can't find much about them from Case. Being made by Chicago Cutlery helps explain that.