Carved "Dwarven" Blade...sort of


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My first carved/sculpted blade. It started with one of our BL Hunters and took a hard turn towards a dwarven or elven style blade. Hand rubbed 1095 carbon steel. Spalted pecan, turquois inlay (real turquois! It aint that fake Chinese crap!) Deer rawhide wrap. I did sort of a bone charm through the thong tube. I can’t recall but the bones are either bobcat or squirrel I “acquired” 15 or so years ago. The sheath is modified for a “hanging” horizontal carry with a forged mild steel pendant. The spine and the belly are all “chipped” and each groove in the texturing was deliberate to flow with the blade. I really had a lot of fun making this one. Lots of hours but worth it.

Bl Dwarven4.jpg Bl Dwarven6.jpg


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Very nice Curtis I have been trying one of my own but it's going really slow, hats of to you you pulled that off in spades nice job.