Call for donations to benefit american valor outdoors raffle

Steven Janik

We are asking you for a donation of a finished knife (or anything) to go in a raffle with the proceeds going to American Valor Outdoors.

Here is a repost from Steve from 2009. The cause is the same. The dates have changed a bit for 2014.
I'm going to use my forum space to shamelessly promote a great program that I have been involved with for several years. The American Valor Outdoors. This program, thru donations, allows wounded or disabled servicemen and women to participate in trophy deer hunts at no cost to them. Our primary sponsor has always been Travis and Jim Brush at the Brush Ranch Lodge near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. visit The top right photo on this webpage is our AVO hunter, Mike Mendoza) from 2013. The lodge encompasses over 2000 acres of high fenced, rolling hills, coulees and crop fields. The lodge building itself is a beautiful, modern home with 6 individual bedrooms with private baths. There is also a Trophy Bowhunting Museum on the property containing several hundred trophies taken by the Brush Family around the world.
This family opens it's arms to us and our guests every year and we always have a successful hunt with all of our hunters to date taking the best deer and elk of their lives.
If anyone would be interested in accompanying us this year contact me for details and special pricing.
Yes, this is a high fenced hunt and may not be for everyone, but it allows us to get our guests in on private property with handicapped access blinds and living facilities without the expense of tags, permits or the hassles of special draw areas with high competition. This is the ideal place to conduct this type of hunt.

Tracy has graciously allowed me to hold this raffle to raise some funds. The tickets will be available through USA Knifemaker Supply (attn: Customer Service Beth). There will be a link to "click on" posted here and tickets can be paid by credit card and will be mailed to you. PayPal cannot be accepted because they do not support Raffles.

Tickets will again be $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20.00. Such a deal!!

Keith Johnson has once again donated one of his great slippies which is now at the engraving shop of Doug Sutherland (Engraver64) getting the royal treatment. This one has full metal scales and will get an awesome, full coverage engraving. Can't wait to see it.

We have received a few great donations already and I will post the pictures as they come in.

Drawing for the winners will be at the 4th Annual KnifeDogs Hammer In at noon on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.

Knives donated will be drawn for first.
Each donated knife, service, supply, etc will be drawn for separately.
One winner per ticket.
We encourage you to purchase multiple tickets for a chance to win multiple times.

I expect something to come up we haven't though of. We may need to modify the details going forward but we will post and highlight any modifications. Hopefully we have it all covered.

Keep in mind this is to sponsor a wounded vet in a guided hunt of a lifetime built just for them. This isn't about winning a knife but that's OK if you win one too.
Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Very Respectfully,

1. Our signature knife is this beautiful slip joint by Keith Johnson and engraved by Doug Sutherland.

Engraved-folder (Medium).jpg

2. The next knife that we received is a gorgeous Damascus folder with a custom wood case from Eric Land

KD KNIFE 1.jpg

3. A beautiful drop point by Matt de Clercq.

4. A dark and deadly beast by Darrin Sanders

5. A custom drop point by G.H. Norfleet Jr. of Woodlawn TN. Donated by Ken Springer, one of our fine collectors.


6.Another fine and flawless Stag slipjoint by Craig Brewer.

7. A very generous donation of a diamond necklace to make the ladies happy from our own Smithy.

8. Really sweet bowie from Larry Franklin.

9. Knife lanyards from Jeff Pearce. Jeff and his family suffered a catastrophe this year when their house burnt down. This is a very noble gesture from the Pearce family to help us out.

10. A sweet little beauty by TuskBuster and donated by BossDog

11. A DB2 (DogBite Knives) kit assembled and donated by BossDog.

12. A super slick "Lite Hunter" by Mike Miller



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Steven Janik

Here is Mike Mendoza, our AVO hunter from 2013, with his best buck ever. Mike was thrilled with his hunt. We actually had to go twice because weather and green crops kept him from scoring on the first trip.
Travis Brush graciously let us return and Mike made it happen with this beauty. We also went back in December to cull some does and Mike's son, Seth, Got his first deer at age 7.

photo 3.jpg
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I sent one out for Kydex and its on its way back to me as we speak. A soon as I get it back I'll repackage it and get it headed your way. Do I need to address it or mark it with anything special?

Steven Janik

Thanks much, Darrin.

Please ship all knives and donations to:
Midwest Knifemakers Supply
ATTN: Beth
1350 Lake Street
North Mankato,MN 56003


Steven Janik

Thanks Jeff,
We would be thrilled to have them.
Mailing directions are in post #4 here in this thread.

Steven Janik

Seth's first Deer

After last years hunt we were invited to return to take a couple of late season does.
Here is Seth Mendoza, our AVO hunter's son, with his first deer taken at age 7.
Also in the pic is Mike "THE Beard" Pavlov who also took a nice doe.
Thanks, Steve


Steven Janik

I just posted a picture of our first knife (also first prize), a gorgeous slippie from Keith Johnson and engraved by Doug Sutherland. Please see the first post in this thread.



Donated by Matt de Clercq
Donated by Darrin Sanders
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Steven Janik

We have a few more sweet prizes up on post #1 of this thread.
The first five knives are just awesome and there are more to come as well as a set of diamond stud earrings from Smithy
Ticket sales will begin early next week.

Steven Janik

I just put up two pics of an unbelievable Stag Slipjoint by our own Craig Brewer on the first post.
We now have 6 very fine knives available with more on the way.

Thanks again to all.


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I sent my contribution to Beth yesterday. Kudos to Steve and Tracey for putting this all together.