CAD Drawing Giveaway

Rick Haney Design

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Since I have been away from the forum for too long,I decided I needed to pay forward my CAD skills here.I can do a fixed or folder design.I will do your design ideas as close to your vision as possible for waterjet cutting purposes or use it for printable pattern.It will have no annotations.I can spend a maximum of 10 hrs,That should cover a folder design from start to finish.I have picked a number from 1 to 100,If you are interested post your number on this thread.In 3 days,I will pick the winner closest to if not the exact number.Then the winner can send me a drawing or idea here in a PM.:biggrin:Here is a CAD drawing to show my work.



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Leffew - take a look at the date of this thread - was awarded back in March of last year.

"Coyote-killer" and Rick - we'd all love to see the results if "Coyote-killer" wouldn't mind sharing. Was a knife made from the design? Please do show the knife.

Ken H>