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Wayne Coe

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This is a thread that I started quite some time ago on the Tutorials Forum and thought that I should move it here and update it.
I am presently in the process of building a forge with John Emmerling's Ribbon Burner. I will post more after I get the forge built and see how it works.
The Ribbon Forge attachment is information that I have copied and edited that I got from the NWBA forum
The attachment here is a tutorial that I am posting for your information.
View attachment Ribbon Forge Burner.pdf
Let me hear any comments or suggestions that you have.
View attachment Build_a_Gas_Forge.pdf

Go to my web-site at the Forge Supplies page for more information.​
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Sean Jones

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Thanks for the information Wayne.

I have an old propane bottle that can't be filled anymore that would be ideal for this. Once I get some other projects done I'll have to try this.
Thanks Wayne for getting me started on the Ribbon Burner. Seeing is believing and using a ribbon burner forge is even better! Running the temp up and over 2325 degrees F and forge welding without flux is just what you can expect from this set up.


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What amazes me is the intransigence of folks to try a burner that that burns hotter, quieter and more fuel efficient than the venturi, and especially the pipe burners. The fuel savings alone are enough to justify a change, not to mention heat control.
John Emmerling

Wayne Coe

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Well, there are those who already spent the time and money to build a forge and are satisfied with it. Then there are those who do not have electricity in their shops to run the blower. John, I am convinced that as more people who are using the traditional blown forges see the Ribbon Burners used and demonstrated they will be making the change. Then again, while in a demonstration they can not see the fuel savings.

For those who are interested in these burners watch for me at the conferences that I attend. I bring my forge and demonstrate it.

Let me know if I can help you.