Bowie grinds

Nick Riggi

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I know the KITH knives this year were Bowie's, so I wanted to ask some advice as I will be sending 4 out for HT next week and then working on them.
We're most of you grinding the bevels using a contact wheel or the flat platen?
Also, is it better to grind the main bevel or the swedge first?

Appreciate the help and responses in advance.
Happy New year!


Justin W.

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So I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I grind my swedges using my flat platen post grinding bevels and post HT. I totally stole this method from John Wilson because I think it’s genius lol I hand sand my bevels to 600 grit before I grind the swedge then I just leave a 120 belt finish on the swedge. I’m gonna post a picture of a knife I finished up awhile back but just know that I had some serious help from John to help get me there

Justin Presson

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I like to grind the swedge in first. I used the flat platen for swedge and bevels...but all I have is a flat platen. I used 3/16 stock on the four Bowie's I made this year and did knock some meat off the pre heat treat.

Nick Riggi

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I do all my grinding post HT. Even though this is thicker stock than I usually use, u was still planning to do all grinding after the HT.
I will plan on having lots of new belts on hand!

I was also considering grinding the swedge first on a flat platen Seen a few videos showing that way.
Pretty sure I will also do the main bevels on my contact wheel.

Sean Jones

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At John Doyle's suggestion I did the swedge on mine last. I used a flat platen with a table rest and a piece of wood cut at 20 degrees(?) as a jig. I think that was the angle. The jig idea was courtesy of John Wilson. I couldn't do mine free hand.

I did end up going back over the main blade quite a bit afterwards though. But that was mostly because I was a bit sloppy. It wasn't intentional. My Bowie for the KITH was 5/32 AEBL and I did all of my grinding post heat treat.


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I use Nathan's radius platens for the swedge. I recently used one for a very shallow hollow grind on a brute de forge bowie