Blacksmithing class


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So I've taken a basic Bladesmithing class, I've recently signed up for a Basic Blacksmithing class at a local Museum site called the Hancock Shaker Village, they do a show there every year called The Age of Iron. They have 8-10 Blacksmiths doing demos and selling items they made. Great bunch of people. I talked to all of them. The last gent told me he taught a class there. When the class became available I signed up. Figured knowing some basic blacksmithing would help me with making knives. I've been so lucky with my pursuit of making knives. My friend that I took the bladesmithing class from has taken me under his wing. I have access to equipment that many lernerd bladesmiths never have had a chance to use. Not to mention the people on this site that give serious advise and years of experience for the asking. This has been a GREAT experience for me!! I plan on keeping this rolling and learn all I can. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner!


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You will have a wonderful time. Check to see if there is a Guild of Metalsmiths in your area. Part of ABANA. For me it was Show us what you make. I'm sure no one will care if it is not a knife. Maybe there is a section here for non related knife work?? ENJOY!! :)