Black Friday wants?

Austin Thrasher

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I got an email from harbor freight saying that they are removing the exclusion on products that they will not allow discounts on and are offering a 15% discount on those items and everything else also. So if you need a welder or toolbox, etc... Might check into it. I think it ends today though.


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Ok this is getting good.
1. I would like a never ending supply of ceramic belts and Rhino Wet sandpaper so I could use a fresh belt each step of knife making.
2. A state of the art filtering system that would eliminate all the dust and particulates from the shop.
3. A special magical tool that would create a perfect hidden tang slot each time.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
I'm going to Harbor Freight shortly..... they have 18" magnetic tool bars on sale..... 2 or $5! I'm gona grab about 10! :) 9mil nitrile gloves are also on sale!