Bengal Claw

Discussion in 'Rick Haney Design Knives' started by cabbit, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. cabbit

    cabbit Guest

    Hi Rick:

    Been trying to get a hold of you over on the USN. Any news on my Bengal Claw?

  2. Rick Haney Design

    Rick Haney Design Well-Known Member

    Thom,I Pmed You on USN.I'm finished with it finally!Give me your address so I can finally get it in it's rightful owner's hands ASAP!:D
  3. cabbit

    cabbit Guest

    I didn't get the PM at the USN, but just sent you one here. Thanks so much!

  4. cabbit

    cabbit Guest

    Hi Rick, did you have a chance to send it out yet?

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