Bengal Claw Folder Prototype

Rick Haney Design

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This is the Bengal Claw design,This design was inspired by a picture sent to me by a customer 4 years ago.The Bengal claw I seen was basically a claw blade with a ring attached by some binding.

I thought to myself,It would be cool to make a folding version.This is the fourth evolution of the prototypes.:D

I'm considering a automatic version.

This design has been shown over the years to some well trained people in the indonesian martial arts,They were extremely interested in me making some for sale.I'm planning on some more soon,maybe a few with damascus blade with exotic wood scales.

Hope You like it.:D


Rick Haney Design

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Looks real sweet. What are you ideas for carry? Will the ring fold in anyway?
Thanks Guys!:D

JSteiner,I have a small Ti carry clip.But I'm considering a leather sheath W/ stainless clip.Need to talk to someone about making a leather sheath.;)The knife would go in backwards so you could access the ring to draw from the sheath.

Nihiser P.R.

Hey Rick that's pretty cool. An auto would be even more cool. But, if not an auto how about a sheath system that deploys the blade on the draw.