Beginner Box Giveaway

Dennis Morland

I have accumulated a great deal of knife making related stuff. Wood (scales and blocks), pin material (brass, stainless, copper), tubes, antlers, all kinds of goodies, etc. You know, the good stuff that we all pile up to use later. Then we never get to it.

My wife has politely asked me to thin the pile on my side of the garage. So, I will be cleaning up the knife shop over the next few weeks. It is a mess. My wife is correct. But, don't tell her I said that.

I intend to get a USPS box and tossing in stuff that I do not need any longer or that I will never use. Who knows just what will make it into the box. It will not be trash or junk. Just unloved items that need a new home. Hopefully, in a hone that could use it.

Off the top of my head I can think of some unstabilized walnut, unstabilized oak, unstabilized maple. I may have some elm, some pine and some osage orange. Nothing will be too special, but all of it will be plenty usable. It will not be high dollar stuff. Sorry.

I would like to see it go to someone on KD that would/could use it. I am guessing a beginner maker, but, all are able to enter. You just have to get lucky...

As I get to it, I will post a few pictures of the items getting tossed into the box.

July 4th is coming up in about a month. I am a fairly patriotic guy. So that will be the cut-off day. I will need a couple of weeks just to wade through the mess and start cleaning up.

I will have my youngest child pick a name, or two, or three from the hat. It will depend on how clean I make the garage on how many boxes I will get filled up.

If you are interested, just post on this thread. One entry per person is all that is necessary. Here are the rules.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. IE: "My name is Dennis and I like to make hunters."

2) Say something nice about Knife Dogs Forum. IE: "Knife Dogs is a great place to learn about knife making."

Good luck to all. Now, I gotta find that broom and shovel.


Ty Adams

I have all the material I need Dennis. But you are a good person for doing this. That is what makes KD so great.
Seriously don't add me to the list.


Hey Dennis! Great idea! Don't add me to the list...just wanted to compliment you on a great way to get "strapped" new guys in the game....good job!

John Wilson

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Same here, Dennis. Only wanted to say this is a super cool idea. There has been a pretty heavy influx of new makers recently. I hope they all throw their name in the hat. This is a gigantic leap forward for somebody just getting their feet wet.


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I agree with the others DeMo, this is a very righteous thing to do. I've said it before....I wish the internet and forums existed when I started making knives. everyone here is very helpful with just about everything. when I started, some knifemakers seemed kind of secretive when asked questions.

Dennis Morland

DON'T BE SHY! We have gotten a lot of new knife makers here on KD. If you could use a little boost in getting started, just enter. The worst thing that can happen is that you do not win. Life goes on. If you do win, you will get a little care package of some essentials to knife making. So just follow the instructions and get entered.

Be like WY_Not. Thanks for entering!

I started the big clean up. I did not find everything that I was looking for, but, I did find quite of bit of knife stuff that will go in the box.

I found 40 walnut blocks. All straight grained and dry. Ready to use and unstabilized.

I only found 4 oak blocks. This was surprising. I thought I had more. I will keep looking. All straight grained and dry. Ready to use and unstabilized.

I did not find any maple. This was really surprising. I thought I had some. Maybe with the missing oak pieces some place. I will keep digging. I had to stop last night, the shovel got too hot!

I found some really rough sawn elm. Dry and not stabilized. Still has bark.

I found some osage orange. Again, rough sawn, dry and not stabilized.

I found some pine. Slightly spalted. Again, rough sawn, dry and not stabilized.

I found some more stuff but we will start with the wood. All of it is good, usable stuff.


Dennis Morland

More stuff for the box.

I will throw in a few pieces of sand paper.

Some tape.

A few sharpies! I sue the blue ones. Some prefer the black or red. These will be odd colors

Some really nice epoxy mixers. I really do use these. They are the best. Break them in three pieces and sharpen at an angle on one end with your grinder. Stir away. Free and awesome. Pitch them after use and start over.

Some cardboard liner material.

I'm going to keep digging but the box is getting fairly full. Enter right now for a shot at some free, usable, knife stuff.


Dennis Morland

Assorted pins and tubes.

Whitetail deer antler material of some sort. I have to get it to fit in the box, somehow.

Planer material. Use it for a knife or just practice grinding.

Some epoxy gloves. Someone gave me a couple of boxes of these. Work great for keeping epoxy off your hands during glue up. Seriously.

Looks like it will be a couple of boxes. I will find some more stuff as I enter phase two of the garage clean up.

Enter today, you got nothing to lose and it costs you nothing. Good luck to all.



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My name is Kevin Booth. I try to make different knives but my heart always goes back to small hunters. Bird and trout style is my favorite. I hunt a lot of birds and not much bigger, maybe that's where it comes from. I'm a stock removal guy, mostly stainless steels. When I get comfortable with that whole process I'd like to get into forging, but for now I just like to make knives.
I have really come to like the forums here at knifedogs. It's a huge resource for beginners like myself. The advice, information and inspiration is invaluable. The guys on here are very nice and always willing to help.
Thank you for this opportunity, I'm not gonna lie I hope I win, I can always use more stuff, my side of the garage is quite full yet LOL!!
My name is Scott Winton, I live in middle Tennessee. Everyone calls me Biggin! I like that every knife I make is me, or has a part of me in it! I love hunters and bushcraft knives and I would like to try my hand at kitchen knives someday. It makes me happy knowing the knife I made will be used as a tool and not a wall hanger.
Ive learned more on knife dogs just reading all the posts than I have from the blacksmithing buddies I hang with here at home. Unlike most of the internet, you can ask a newbie question here and it'll get answered and not flamed and you will not Made fun of. Everyone is super awesome!


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Hello, my name is Matt Feight and I live in south central Pennsylvania. I have a particular interest in making hunters and skinners for myself and as gifts for family and friend.

I don't usually post anything on Knife Dogs but am always watching the forum to gain knowledge and ideas.

i would like to add your give away items to my half of the garage.

Kevin Zito

Dennis, this is too cool. Folks like you make this a great place to learn. I feel like it may be a little greedy to enter hehe. But ... you are the man, sir.

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My name is Jeremy Sell. Currently I live in St. kitts for vet school, but in August am coming back to the states for good. The technical knowledge is amazing here, for building/setting up machines to heat treating metal. And thanks for the chance!


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Sign me up please!

I have had a love for knives since I used to gaze at the Case display at Western Auto Hardware in the 60's. I have made quite a few fixed blades throughout my 63 years, but am now retired, (disabled vet), and I am going to start making folders to augment my Soc. Security. You guys have a great forum and have helped me avoid some costly mistakes. Please entr me in your contest and good luck to all!

Trinity Knives

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Hello to all,

My name is Mark Jarvis and I have always had a love for knives but have never seen them as anything but that until now! I am pursing a new passion here and eagerly researching and contemplating my first build. I would love to take advantage of this offer. I have just become a member on Knife Dogs and have already seen and learned so much and can't wait to get started! I would be honored if I were picked to receive some of your materials. I haven't yet picked a style of knife that I like but definitely lean towards drop point and tantos. They just seem to fit my eye even though they are completely different. Really excited to get started.

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Hello my name is Kyle and i'm 17 and am from Western NY. I recently got inspired to make knives through videos I've seen online and my love for knives. I built my own little forge and got a piece of rebar (i know not the best thing to use) and went at it. End result looked more like a long butter-knife then what i had imagined in my head but the experience was fun and i learned a lot through all the errors i made on that one. I'm planning on switching to a propane forge this summer and hopefully also getting a 2X72 belt grinder. I'm currently working on 2 more knives at the moment both through the stock removal method so i can learn some techniques with grinding. I'm brand new to the knifedogs forums but already love it. Everyone is very nice from the forums I've read and it's full of people who are very knowledgeable. Thank you for the opportunity!


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Hello my name is Brian from New York. I have always been interested in knives and have decided to take the plunge into making them. I am really interested in forging over stock removal. I have read a lot of interesting and informative posts on knifedogs and will continue to learn from them.


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Hi - my name is Matt Shindel, and I live in sunny Phoenix AZ (yes, it way too hot in the garage now). I've been trying to get more into knifemaking, and this forum provides a wealth of good information. I can spend hours just searching through the old posts and articles, looking at pictures, etc. I have several unfinished knives, struggling with guards, hand sanding, bevels, plunge lines, pins, sheath, final sharpening. Nothing ever seems to go 100% right, but practice would take me closer to the day when I can look at the finished knife and not notice any defects (at least that's my hope).
Thank you, DeMo, for encouraging beginning knifemakers!


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My name is Stephen/Gliden07, I just started making knives something I always wanted to try. I am working on my first one and hope to finish it soon. I have learned a great deal by reading many of the posts on this site. Knife Dogs is the only forum I belong to. I've asked a lot of "NEWB" questions and all have been answered very politely. I would love to win this box! Thank you for the opportunity!