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Good day,
I am new to this post but not to the site. I have been watching for a bit and messing with some old knives and replacing handles. I am active duty militay and have been here and there in my career. I see lots of great knives and would love to find the time to learn to make some. I will be around Manhatten Kansas in a little while, is there anyone near there I could meet and possibly learn? I look foreward to meeting people here.

gaelic forge

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If you wish to get into forging...joining one of the ABANA affiliated blacksmith groups in your part of Kansas would also be a good start. Failing that c'mon over to Cole CAmp MO and I'll show you what I can. Have a coal and gas forge, anvils, grinders, etc. Send a PM if you wanna get together. Also ex-military, but retired from Uncle Sugar. I am a bit over an hour from K.C.