Beaumont Horizontal Grinder For sale

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I have a Beaumont Horizontal Grinder for sale.
It has a single speed 1hp motor and extension plate to run 72" belts.
It works fine, I have another horizontal grinder and don't need two. I have it mounted to my grinder bench now and want to free up the space for a dedicated vertical grinder.

A new one with variable speed (this is single speed) and extension plate is around $1800
Variable speed set up (vs single speed) adds around $500 so...comparable could be around $1300
I'll sell this for $900 and throw in a 3/4" small wheel.

set up on my bench with extension plate.

The motor is wired to a simple switch.

The motor is mounted vertically to the grinder so it requires a hole in the bench. No big deal and it doesn't have to be precision.

C. Killgore

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I almost want this.

To be completely honest, I don't know what people use the horizontal for. Everybody talks about how great it is but I just have no idea what I would do with it.

I'd be pretty interested in hearing what people do with their horizontal grinders.
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Let's keep discussions of pros and cons of horizontal grinders on their own thread, NOT Tracy's "for sale" thread.

Once you use a horizontal grinder some you'll like it.

C. Killgore

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I meant no offense to the boss man. I was actually considering buying it which is why it ended up here. I can make a new thread about it. Wasn't asking for pros or cons... More like asking for someone to convince me that I needed it. And I felt like if people talked about what they used it for, it might garner more interest. C'est la vie
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BossDog & Owner
Basically, these are used to clean up profiles to 90 degrees. They are also used for contours that fit the small wheels (1/4" to 2") for handle shapes. I would not be without one. I have another and don't need two.