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Discussion in 'Ladydogs' started by darci, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. darci

    darci Guest

    hey girls i know this dont have any thing to do with knives but we kick b--- today we won 40-16 and i made 10 baskets thats 23 points three three pointers and took out there best player, she was hitting me over and over so one little push in the right spot" pressure point thanks judo class"
    and she left me alone OK THAT BAD BUT SHE WAS BIGGER THAN ME !!!!!! we kick b----
    love you girls
  2. knifmkrgf

    knifmkrgf Member


    Love it! Good job; sounds like you're really good; bet you're fun to watch. Always enjoyed my kids in sports; now the grandkids are in everything! I'll never stop.2thumbs

    T.A. DAVISON Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the win - 2thumbs


  4. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Guest

    "take no prisoners' under the boards girl. All 4 of my granddaughters have my attitude.
    As Mr. T said "Pity the fool......."
  5. RAGUEL3

    RAGUEL3 Well-Known Member

    There ya go lil sugar-- On rebounds under the boards- "Trow dem Bows when they get too close",..
  6. TKC

    TKC Guest

    Way to go Darci!!! Wahoooooooooo!!
  7. Bruce Bump

    Bruce Bump Forum Owner-Moderator

    Darc kicks Arse!! Congrats Darci!
  8. WA Martin

    WA Martin Well-Known Member

    Hey, if the ref don't notice and it doesn't cause permanent damage...

    And it applies to knives because, in comformance with the rules about having knives on the bus you weren't able to take any with you to pass around during half-time.

    Congrat's on the win!

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