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Your bali's are just awesome. I remember thinking a year or 2 back that you were making some great bali's, but you have progressed so far, so fast. Of course I am speaking from a buyers perspective, but damn you are making some very nice stuff, like I said, just awesome. Your grinds and profiles are sweeet! Keep it up. Maybe some day I will be luck enough to acquire one.


Thanks for taking the time to post these so I can add to my wish list.


Amazing work! I have been looking around at all the balis you have made over the years starting back when you were embelishing kits. Could you offer me any tips/links on how to start making my own? Do you design yours on a 3d/cad program and get them machined, or do you do it all yourself (pad and paper, and a mill). I have been trying to drill and tap a couple of typhoons for pocket clips but that is some tough stuff, and all I ended up with was a messed up tap and a couple of stripped holes. Any advice you could offer to a new bali maker would be much appreciated - I'm trying to use what I know to start paying back student loans so I can afford the rest of my degree lol. Mainly I'm starting the same way you did - regrinding and customizing kits and reselling them.

I was wondering why you chose to go with a zen-pin style over a pinned blade (strength vs. looks). Also how hard is it to work with such thick Ti - is it hard to drill and tap? I know a lot about anodizing Ti, so that is the material I would like to start playing with. I also do a bit of 3dStudio Max/Inventor, so I'm trying to refine the geometry of a couple of designs before I actually buy materials, so I don't waste any money. I've read that you actually like the bronze bushing/washer setup a bit better than the IKBS - any specific thoughts on why? How did you obtain permission to use the IKBS designs?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer. Your knives are amazing - everytime I see you start a thread I look forward to seeing a new one! I'm a long way from being able to afford one, but I can assure you I will be placing an order in the future.
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I dont use any programs or anything to design my knives! each one is literally made up as i go. ofcourse i use a sharpie to rough draw parts on steel, but after thats its all my imagination!

Drilling and tapping TI is not so bad, as long as you use sharp quality tools. those typhoon handles are hardened 416 i believe, so if your tapping for 2-56 try drilling oversized with a #49 drill. that should be a tad easier on the tap. also, use plenty of lube and a fixture to align your tap. or chuck it into a drill press. i've heard guys using their cordless drills but i've never had luck with it.

I've made a couple bali's using standard tang pins. i'd say its actually a good bit easier then using zen-pins. not sure why, but i just dig the hidden pin thing :) when done right i'd say both are equally as strong. however, zen pins would be far easier to replace should wear ever occur.

To use (ikbs) you simply have to make a knife and send it in for approval. so the fella's know your doing it correctly. pretty cool, i'd say. I like bushing/bearings equally. bushings feel more old school and can offer close to zero play and bearings offer...., well... zero blade play.

Just dive in and try making a bali. thats really the best way to learn (imo). if you have any specific questions, ask away!!! we'll help anyway we can cool 1 by we i mean myself and any other bali maker reading. like that Les George fella.


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How does one go about ordering one of your beauties, or can one be ordered?
Thanks for the pics.

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Sweet bali's with great grinds. I don't even know how to open one of them but every time I see well made ones I think I should learn. I'm sure I would be a big hit with my grandkids. I just need to get a house closer to the ER before I try.


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How do you make them with the handles liek this? This has always confused me when i look and try to figure it out.

Beautiful! I would like one of each. Heck I'd like just one. I keep watching for one of yours to come around in one of the FS foroums but no luck.
I guess I'll just keep watching. Your desings are truely imaginative but your grinds are exceptionally phenomenal.

Thanks for the pictures. At least I can dream.