Baffle Pipe Thickness


I’m planning to get a section of pipe to stick in to my forge and use as a baffle (or muffle, or whatever you call it) when I’m heat treating and I was wondering what kind of wall thickness people have been using.

My forge is an 18” 3 burner (venturi) with a 4 x 6 opening and I’m thinking of getting a 2” square tube.

Any input would be appreciated.

Casey Brown

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I use a 2" square tube (16 Gauge, 0.065" thick), and it works well. However, it does lose thickness due to scale. I currently only use it to heat treat W2 in order to do a soak at temperature. For 1084, I don't use it at all.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
You can go one of two ways with the "pipe"..... if you use a thin wall, it will heat up much quicker, but won't last as long. A thicker wall (1/4"+) will take longer to heat up, but will last longer. A "trick" worth mentioning is to "plug" the away end of the pipe with a wad a ceramic fiber. It will significantly cut down on scale forming.

My personal preference is for a thicker wall..... while it takes longer to come to temp, because it provides more thermal mass, the temp is more stable, as well as transferring that heat to any blade inserted.

Jim Levite

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I used pieces of 12"x 2" stainless exhaust pipe. Not very thick but works well. I got about 30 blades out of one for $14.
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