Badger Knife Show Lineup

Discussion in 'Folding Knives Forum' started by PMARTINKNIVES, Mar 19, 2017.


    PMARTINKNIVES Well-Known Member

    Here are a bunch (most) of the knives I will have at the Badger Show. A few are deliveries but are still worth posting. I've been a good boy working as hard as I can so I can earn some fishing time. Thanks for taking a look and I hope to see ya at the show.

    peter IMG_1582.jpg IMG_1581.jpg IMG_1577.jpg IMG_1595.jpg IMG_1592.jpg
  2. J. Hoffman

    J. Hoffman Dealer - Purveyor

    Very nice Peter!
  3. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    I like them all..... but that first one......what a hottie! Nice work Peter!
  4. Jim Moenck

    Jim Moenck Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of liking the second one. Maybe Peter will let me hold it in my hand this weekend??
  5. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    Nice line up, I'm with Jim the second one trips my trigger.

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  6. busted knuckles

    busted knuckles Well-Known Member

    Yep, that second one reminds me of one of my all time favorite knives. The original Gerber folding hunter.
  7. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

    nice stuff Peter..
  8. dan van

    dan van Well-Known Member

    Very nice line-up, thanks for showing them to those of us that couldn't get to the show this year.
  9. Daniel Rohde

    Daniel Rohde Well-Known Member

    Wowzers! I love that first one!
  10. McClellan Made Blades

    McClellan Made Blades Well-Known Member

    The 3rd one is absolutely SICK!!!!

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