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I just finished up a sheath as a replacement sheath for a knife I sold just a couple months ago. Unfortunately, the dog got a hold of the user's sheath and belt...

Here is the replacement.

I decided to have my first go at making a belt and made him a matching belt. I cheated and used a belt blank but that was most certainly the most stamping I've done on one piece.

Thanks for looking

C Craft

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Oh, me and the dog would have to have a long talk! Love the sheath and the belt by the way, two thumbs up!!!!
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Looks great, I'm also intrigued by that design sheath. And since I'm a noob at it, I need the practice. How do you cut out the belt slots?


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I've only done a handful of these, but believe they will be a popular item as soon as I can get a chance to make a few more.
George, I had an individual with much more experience express that in this style it is essential to keep the slots parallel. So please keep that in mind in your designing. The one I have shown is just a friction fit though I could always wet form it if I felt I needed to. The gentleman who leant me the advice for this design(among others) designs most of his knives to incorporate a loveless welt as well.
C Craft, the customer, his dog and the rifle in the first photo had a little chat before I even got the call he needed a new sheath. My wife wasn't too pleased with that information.
Bodam, if you have all the proper tools you would use an oblong or bag punch for the slots. However, I don't have the luxury of all the proper tools yet. I took a paddle bit and drilled a whole on either side of the slot, then used a razor blade to cut the slot from hole to hole. Cleaned up the slots a bit with a dremel and used the edge beveler to slightly bevel the slots.

Thanks fellas,

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I have to admit I smiled a little when you said the dog chewed it up. Sorry for the trouble but I can relate. We are losing Christmas tree ornaments every day to our black lab...

Let's see the dog!