Axis Deer Stag give away

Sean Jones

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I have one piece of Axis Deer Stag that I'm giving away. I already sort of let the cat out of the bag in another post. I thought it was Sambar, but it's labeled Axis. So I'm assuming that's what it is.

Two people have already expressed an interest, so to be fair to everyone I'm going to do a small drawing. Just say you are in, and on this Friday at 9 PM I will have my wife draw numbers from a hat based on the number of entries. The number will be your post number, so please only enter once. It will go out to the winner the following Monday.

If anyone thinks I should do this differently let me know. But with the earlier interest I'd like to give everyone a chance.
Sambar Stag No 1.jpgSambar Stag No 2.jpg


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I'm not getting in because I'd like to see one of the newer makers give this piece a go,
but I want to say this is a stand up generous thing for you to do Sean. :D