Avo - kd raffle #4

Steven Janik

American Valor Outdoors - KD Benefit #4
This is the fourth Benefit Knife Raffle to support the American Valor Outdoors - Knifedogs joint venture.

This time around we have a beautiful pair of linerlock folders from Keith Willis of Tylertown, Miss.

Keith has mastered this model and makes a solid, sweet, everyday carry that locks up like a bank vault. And the lucky winner gets a pair. One for now and the other one for your wife to steal from you. HA HA

Raffle rules:
Spots are $2.00 each with no limit.
Numbers will be drawn from the Illinois Lottery Daily Evening Game. We'll use the last two numbers and draw the NEXT evening after it's full.
I'd like to do this with checks and money orders so that no one jeopardizes their Paypal account, although we may have a Charitable Paypal we can use later.

My address is:
Steve Janik
16601 Edgewood Drive
Plainfield, Illinos 60586
Checks can be payable to me or Travis Brush (owner of Brush Ranch Outfitters).

If you would like to pay extra money up front on account and buy spots in more raffles, let me know and I will keep track of it. This will save you from sending a bunch of little checks. I will keep the accounting transparent and will publish the results here.

Please PM me with any questions or special requests.
This is a great cause and thanks in advance to all who support it.

00. SJ - Darci's old man
01. SJ - Keith Willis
02. SJ - Rudy Joly
03. SJ - Bill T
04. SJ - Denny Eller
05. BossDog
06. BossDog
07. BossDog
08. BossDog
09. BossDog
10. BossDog
11. BossDog
12. BossDog
13. BossDog
14. BossDog
15. Tony Deangelis
16. Tony Deangelis
17. Tony Deangelis
18. Tony Deangelis
19. Tony Deangelis
20. Michael Kurtis
21. Michael Kurtis
22. Michael Kurtis
23. Michael Kurtis
24. Michael Kurtis
25. Michael Kurtis
26. Michael Kurtis
27. Michael Kurtis
28. Michael Kurtis
29. Michael Kurtis
30. Ausbrooks
31. Ausbrooks
32. Ausbrooks
33. Ausbrooks
34. Ausbrooks
35. Bill T
36. Bill T
37. Bill T
38. Bill T
39. Bill T
40. Rudy Joly
41. Rudy Joly
42. Rudy Joly
43. Rudy Joly
44. Rudy Joly
45. Jim Coffee
46. Jim Coffee
47. Jim Coffee
48. Jim Coffee
49. Jim Coffee
50. Keith buys for Rudy
51. Keith buys for Rudy
52. Franklin
53. Franklin
54. Clint Ironarm
55. Clint Ironarm
56. Clint Ironarm
57. Franklin
58. Franklin
59. Denny Eller
60. Denny Eller
61. Denny Eller
62. Denny Eller
63. Denny Eller
64. JL Kitch
65. JL Kitch
66. JL Kitch
67. JL Kitch
68. JL Kitch
69. JL Kitch
70. JL Kitch
71. JL Kitch
72. JL Kitch
73. JL Kitch
74. Franklin
75. Franklin
76. Clint (via Rudy)
77. Clintarina Marie (Darci)(via Uncle Roo Roo)
78. Rudy Joly
79. Rudy Joly
80. Rudy Joly
81. Jim Coffee
82. Jim Coffee
83. Jim Coffee
84. Jim Coffee
85. Jim Coffee
86. Keith Willis
87. Keith Willis
88. Keith Willis
89. Keith Willis
90. Clint Ironarm
91. Clint Ironarm
92. Clint Ironarm
93. Clint Ironarm
94. Clint Ironarm
95. Keith Willis
96. Keith Willis
97. Keith Willis
98. Keith Willis
99. Keith Willis

LF 017.jpgLF 018.jpgLF 016.jpg
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Steven Janik

Here's a list of Raffle money still on account and available for this one.

Steve Janik $30-20=10-10=0
BossDog $60-20=40-20=20
Bill T $70-10=60-10=50
Rudy Joly $40-10=30-10=20-10=10
JL Kitch $20-20=0
Mike Kurtis $100-10=90=20=70
Tony Deangelis $20-10=10
Ausbrooks $10-10=0
JL Kitch $60-20=40
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Bill T

Well-Known Member
OOhhh I'm in for 5 for now . I won one of Keith's folders before ... they are nice .. I want more ...

Rudy Joly

Well-Known Member
Since Keith won't give me one....
I'll have to win both of these.

In for 5 please.

Looks like it's time to detour another alimony check Steve.


Rudy Joly

Well-Known Member
???????????? Rudy,don't tell them nothing.
Thanks for the spots Keith. I know you want me to win.
My lips are sealed as tight as the zipper on my taffeta prom dress. Limo this time ? Dad noticed my dress was on backwards when I got home last time you drove.



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man my wifes starting to wander what kind of guys im talking to, keith they aint right, but i think you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bladesmith & Forum Owner/Moderator
Thanks Steve you gave me the winning numbers man thats mighty nice of you ,Darci will be piss-- i got her lucky number 55 you know if i win she'll be saying its hers because of the number 55 and i'm glad she's not here to find out about keith and Rudy


Bladesmith & Forum Owner/Moderator
She just called she said she saw about keith and rudy on her phone , just for that she's loaded up a extra pistol to shoot at tonights civil war reenactment she just can't believe it to be true now steve and mike maybe but not Rudy and keith ,LOL LOL