Autographed copies of Knifemaking Hacks at a Black Friday price


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Many of you Knifedogs folks are "my people", and I know many of you have purchased copies of one or both of my books for yourselves, for which I am very grateful. For the rest of you, here's an opportunity to purchase autographed copies at the lowest price I've offered. While Hacks is a "knifemaking" book for sure, it also is a great book for enthusiasts and collectors. It features over 100 photos of some of the best knives in the world, along with a mixture of wit and wisdom that applies to more than just knifemaking.

Some of my personal favorites include:
-Never put a custom knife in the dishwasher
-Get all your knifemaking crap off the table before your spouse gets home
-Anything that saves you time on chores gives you more time for hobbies. Harvey Dean recommended a riding lawnmower.
-Your "micrometer eyeballs" are not as accurate as actual calipers or measuring tools.
-Don't "drink and knife"

Regular price is $33, now on sale for $25 shipped, today through Monday.