Asking for your prayers


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Well Ed - I don't wish to sound selfless or anything, but you just gotta get well........ we NEED!! your expertise around here.:)

Hang in there buddy - our Prayers are with you and your family.

Ken H>


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Thanks everyone! About an hour away from heading to the hospital for surgery..... that is IF they will do it, been fighting a sinus infection for about a week. I called the surgeon's office yesterday and ask if the surgery was still on..... Was told that the anesthesiologist is the one who has the final call. We'll see. I'll try to update this thread later today. (suppose to be home by mid afternoon).
Thanks to everyone for your prayers!


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Got through the surgery and made it back home this afternoon. The Gall bladder came out "all scarred up" according to the Doc. He also found adhesions pulling on the bowel, and removed two of what he called "nodules" from my stomach. He said that any of those things by themselves could have been causing all my issues.... but all 3 together was a "sure bet".

Feel like I got whacked in the gut with a ball bat, but otherwise good. The Doc said a week of lifting nothing bigger than 10lbs, and then go back to normal. Sure hope this was all worth it..... got lots of videos to make for Knifemaker Training, and lots of projects in the forging shop.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes! Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, and sending lots of love from Cindy and I!

C Craft

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See, Ed, told you it was gonna be a breeze! Seriously glad everything went well, the power of prayer is amazing!! Now listen to the doc and stay away from the jalapenos for a while!! :D


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Glad to hear you made it thru going under the knife Ed. I don't know what they told you about your future diet but I got split stern to bow about 10 years ago and had my gall bladder taken out along with part of my liver. they told me I could go back to eating like nothing happened in a couple months. that wasn't the case, I've never been the same. maybe it's me getting old but I had to start taking two big fiber pills every morning or bad things happen.
you may want to avoid greasy foods for at least a few weeks.

I had my appendix removed before too but apparently it doesn't do anything except go bad, Ha ha.
The gall bladder has something to do with processing fatty foods.


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Just wanted to say it again..... THANK YOU to EVERYONE for your prayers, well wishes, and support. Didn't get much sleep last night, even with the pain meds, but I guess it's to be expected when somebody has been inside you....stirring your innards around. :) I can already tell that getting rid of those adhesions helped...... the pain that I always had in that area is gone! WOOT! I think I'm gona have to call the Doc today though.....can't seem to empty my bladder. Painfully full, and all I can manage is a trickle. This too, shall pass :)


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Glad to hear Ed!! Looking forward to the videos but take your time and heal! I recently had Surgery too they told me 3-4 weeks to heal took almost 8!! So listen to your body!!


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Hey you get a side bonus, now the cheesy tots down at the Double Barrel will remind you how good they were all day long. Great update, easy does it!

C Craft

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Not for sure but, I think that is a side effect of the gas they use on your insides. It blows everything up.

Years ago they did a back fusion on three levels of my spine. When the Doc, started explaining what they would do I kind of looked at him and said, huh??

He said well here is the red neck version, we gonna split your belly open, we gonna go in and remove your chitlins, lay then on the table beside you then we gonna crank up that big drill and drill in between your lower vertebrae, take those cages I showed you and screw them in between those vertebrae, take a chisel and get some bone off of you hip and pack them cages full of it, shove them chitlins back in and sew you up!

So the next morning when I was feeling pretty bad, he says well I got good news and bad news, don't tell me you sewed me up with a couple of sponges inside me I said trying to laugh.

Nope, redneck version, one of those chitlins got twisted as we shoved it back in and if it don't straighten up on it's own, we gonna have to go back in!!

So what is the good news Doc?

Well we gonna shove a hose up your nose and down inside of you and that should help to straighten out that chitlin!! OK Doc, like I said, what is the good news,(if you had one them tubes inserted while your awake) its no fun. However it did do the job!!!

So when I seen the Doc, next time I told him, no more redneck versions, please!!

I hope I didn't make you laugh to hare, and you get to feeling better soon, Ed!! Glad it all went well!


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Craig...... Double Barrel is no more! Sadly, they went outta business, and now it's some property management/housing outfit in that building. No doubt I'm gona have to adjust what/how I eat. You wouldn't know me now.... I've dropped about 25lbs through this whole thing.

C. Craft...... that's a great story! Love it! When I got home yesterday from the hospital...... I couldn't figure out why my throat was sore, and I was really horse when I tried to talk....... they shoved a hose down my throat! DUH!:)


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Just an update...... It's been 10 days since surgery, and I'm feeling better day by day! My body is starting to function like it did before all this happened, but certainly having to watch my diet..... I'm learning that all those fried potatoes and such are now to be avoided! :)

I was released on Friday from "do nothing"..... and am starting to exercise to try to get back in shape (3 months of doing nothing turned me into a noodle) :) I'm planning on trying to do some light stuff in the forging shop this week, and see just how things go. I go back for a checkup on 4 Jan, and hope the Surgeon fully releases me to go back to work. Looking forward to turning out some knives, and getting more videos complete for Knifemaker Training.

Many Thanks to all my friends here for your prayers and well wishes..... I think I'm on the road to "being me" again!