Asking for your prayers


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Most of my friends know that I've been struggling with gut pain for a number of years. I've been around and around with Doctors several times, and finally was referred to a Surgeon, who has agreed to perform a Laparoscopy Exploratory on me. Most of the Docs I've seen tell me that my outward symptoms indicate a gall bladder problem..... but all of the gall bladder tests come back "normal".
I'm scheduled for surgery on 20 Dec @ 8am. Please pray that this will find/fix whatever my issue(s) might be, and I can get back to "the old me", and not have to rely on pain meds to make it through the day. The Doc says unless there are complications, I should be back home that afternoon. I'll update everyone once the surgery is over, and hoping/praying that my issue(s) are resolved.

John Wilson

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Prayers for your healing as well as peace of mind. I think that, often, not knowing is worse than whatever the actual problem could be.


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Wishing you all the best from down under Ed. Been through a lot myself. Positive visualization of the outcome works for me rather than hoping for a divine intervention. Could be different ways of creating positive thoughts. Again, all the best.