Arkansas custom knife show


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MrNewberry do you know what time the show open's and closes I live 5-6 hr dr away trying to decide if i get up early sat and drive down. How big is the show?


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I believe the show opens at 9 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. i have my newsletter somewhere. I'll try to find it and confirm.

Rusty McDonald

I know for a fact that there will be some of the best knifemakers there. Jerry Fisk, John White, J.R. Cook, Kyle Royer, Mike Ruth, Wes Davis, Lin Rhea, Steve Collifer, John Fitch, I'm sure I've forgotten a few dozen

mike miller

Some of the Oklahoma bunch will be Ray Kirk, Brion Tomberlin, Bill Duff, and Jerry Larrison. OOPS forgot Gary Crowder folder maker.
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For anyone who has not made the trip to the AKA Show, I would highly encourage it if you have the opportunity. Most years I have been there it seems more like an art show than knife show. The work presnted there is just absolutle amazing!

For those interested, I've scanned the ad from Blade for the show which lists most of the numerous makers who will be present. There will be more who purchased tables after the ad went to print who will be present.