Are you receiving SPAM Messages from my e-mail address?

Wayne Coe

Forum Owner - Moderator
If any of you have been receiving messages that appear to come from my e-mail address and the message appears to be SPAM please be assured that I have nothing to do with sending these messages. It appears that someone has hijacked my e-mail address and is sending out messages using it. I strongly suggest that you not respond to any of these messages. If you do receive suspect e-mails purporting to be from me please PM me and attach a copy of the message. I will try to find out how this is being done and who is doing it and try to put a stop to it.

I know that this is happening because I am getting messages from my e-mail supplier stating that some messages could not be delivered and I know that I have not sent any message to that e-mail address. I get 5 or 6 of these messages a day and many have multiple addresses of undeliverable addressees. I suspect that someone Phished either the forums that I frequent or my web-site. I would like to know the content of the messages and learn if they are just SPAM or if they might contain a virus. With your help perhaps we can solve this problem.

Thank you and I am sorry that someone has so little regard for you and for me.