Anyone for a Dart


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This started out as a left over piece of damascus that was simply too big to discard, but the shape of it was going to be a challenge. Here is what I ended up with. It is the dart. 7" of Matt Walker damascus, hollow ground with a 6 inch wheel. the edges of the handle are all file worked and the slabs are truly barkish mammoth ivory. And yes both edges are sharp.
Please let me know what you think of the Dart.


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Great idea and execution. I'm always thinking of ways to use up scrap.
I really like the damascus and can understand why you would want to get the most from it you could.
Looking at what you have there I can see that you are truly a dedicated craftsman with an eye for detail.
Thanks for sharing Steve.


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It's very good use of scrap material. Make a stand for it and anyone would be proud to have that setting on their desk. I for one couldn't wait for the mail to show up.