Anvil Project - Black Robin

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Keith Johnson and I are working on an anvil project. He does all the work and I cheer him on. Teamwork.

We decided to make a small run of knife makers anvils. These are styled after the Sea Robin anvils. I have a Sea Robbin and love it. All the mass is centered with 4 sharp edges to hammer near.

The steel is 1045 and 5x5x12”. The weight is 85lbs. A 1/4” plate/base is welded to the bottom.

The owner will need to make a stand out of vertical 4x4”s to the height they prefer and attach it via the holes in the bottom plate.

We are calling these anvils Black Robin anvils 96509DC7-4B04-45ED-8849-71B483966AF5.jpeg C305C43E-E9EB-468A-90DA-32B44BD62A8B.jpeg CD847101-510F-4D3F-9A51-B5EF56500544.jpeg 042E31E7-CB6B-4428-AE9F-7BC432D9E385.jpeg A011C029-257D-4FE4-965C-21174F681836.jpeg 98661F93-1DE6-4A06-9B4C-6B1EA2C6375B.jpeg
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That is slick! Would you share the heat treating specs? Of course, price plus shipping also {g}

I didn't find them listed on website yet. Let us know when they're listed.
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C Craft

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Wow those will be nice when finished! That shot of the pallet,.................that is a pallet full of money!!!

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So, finally an update.
First, the price is going to be $450 plus shipping. We are working on a determining best/lowest shipping option now. I will have some for local pick up in our Mankato, MN warehouse. Direct shipping will be drop shipped from northern Minnesota. It will be 100lbs so it won’t be terrible.

I bought serial number 1 of 20 myself and it ships next Monday. We have a few spoken for already so we should end up with 15 to sell. When I get it in, I’ll build a base and post some pics.

Keith will shoot a video of a ball drop comparing rebound on a known good anvil compared to an un-heat treated vs the heat treated Black Robin anvil. The results were good even if my explanation here is poor. We will post the video soon as we can.

We have 2 ready now and will get at least five ready to go over the next week or so.


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Mankato, MN
Really,,,,, I'm in Mpls. I could use something to finish on. I have a nice old P.W but there is is not a flat spot on it. Let me know when you are read to sell.