And the Madness Continues............

Justin W.

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Just got the word two days ago that my lay-off would be extended until July 19th. My orders haven’t stopped coming in so it’s looking like I will be able to continue sustaining myself using the the craft and a lot of help from friends and family.

Anyways I’ve gotten into a nice groove where I will complete four knives of the same style at a time. For me this is the happy medium between high production and high quality. At four blades I can pay close attention to detail but not completely loose my mind with the repetition.

Here’s a few pictures from the last week 673FA9D8-028D-4D66-AB00-AF5C042F5469.jpeg1C3085F8-C5A3-4607-821E-E1E5B69028B9.jpegB6667FAA-43EF-4406-A6D2-315B4B3480CD.jpeg138D9DD0-7ADA-477F-88C6-B50DDC1D9374.jpeg352874BE-F1B0-49D8-9470-5BC190DBAE3F.jpeg