American Valor Outdoors - KD Benefit #1

Steven Janik

This is the first Benefit Knife Raffle to support the American Valor Outdoors - Knifedogs joint venture.

Thanks to Mike Miller for this beautiful piece.
CPM 154 Stainless blade.
Stabilized birch burl scales.
Stainless pins and thong tube.
416 Stainless bolsters.
Hand tooled pouch style sheath.

Raffle rules:
Spots are $2.00 each with no limit.
Numbers will be drawn from the Illinois Lottery Daily Evening Game. We'll use the last two numbers and draw the NEXT evening after it's full.
I'd like to do this with checks and money orders so that no one jeopardizes their Paypal account, although we may have a Charitable Paypal we can use later.

My address is:
Steve Janik
16601 Edgewood Drive
Plainfield, Illinos 60586
Checks can be payable to me or Travis Brush (owner of Brush Ranch Outfitters).

If you would like to pay extra money up front on account and buy spots in more raffles, let me know and I will keep track of it. This will save you from sending a bunch of little checks. I will keep the accounting transparent and will publish the results here.

Please PM me with any questions or special requests.
This is a great cause and thanks in advance to all who support it.

00. Bill T
01. Bill T
02. Bill T
03. Bill T
04. Bill T
05. Rudy Joly
06. Rudy Joly
07. Rudy Joly
08. Rudy Joly
09. Rudy Joly
10. Jim Coffee
11. Jim Coffee
12. Jim Coffee
13. Jim Coffee
14. Jim Coffee
15. JL Kitch
16. JL Kitch
17. JL Kitch
18. JL Kitch
19. JL Kitch
20. JL Kitch
21. JL Kitch
22. JL Kitch
23. JL Kitch
24. JL Kitch
25. Denny Eller
26. Denny Eller
27. Denny Eller
28. Denny Eller
29. Denny Eller
30. Denny Eller
31. Denny Eller
32. Denny Eller
33. Denny Eller
34. Denny Eller
35. RJ - Denny Eller
36. RJ - Bill T
37. RJ - Keith Willis
38. RJ - Clint Ironarms
39. Rudy Joly
40. SJ - Franklin
41. SJ - Pieter
42. SJ - Charlie Pannell
43. SJ - Miss Lora
44. SJ - Brad704
45. Bubba San
46. Bubba San
47. Bubba San
48. Bubba San
49. Bubba San
50. Boss Dog
51. Boss Dog
52. Boss Dog
53. Boss Dog
54. Boss Dog
55. Boss Dog
56. Boss Dog
57. Boss Dog
58. Boss Dog
59. Boss Dog
60. Jim Coffee
61. Jim Coffee
62. Jim Coffee
63. Jim Coffee
64. Jim Coffee
65. Rudy Joly
66. Rudy Joly
67. Rudy Joly
68. Rudy Joly
69. Rudy Joly
70. Bubba San
71. Bubba San
72. Bubba San
73. Bubba San
74. Bubba San
75. Bubba San
76. Bubba San
77. Bubba San
78. Bubba San
79. Bubba San
80. D. Douglas
81. D. Douglas
82. D. Douglas
83. D. Douglas
84. D. Douglas
85. D. Douglas
86. D. Douglas
87. D. Douglas
88. D. Douglas
89. D. Douglas
90. Jim Coffee
91. Jim Coffee
92. Jim Coffee
93. Jim Coffee
94. Jim Coffee
95. Rob Nelson
96. Billy Helton
97. Kevin Jones
98. Bruce Bump
99. Bruce M
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Rudy Joly

Well-Known Member
I'll follow bill with 5 please.
Maybe his luck will rub off on me.

Great start with that combo...nice work.


mike miller

Steve I forgot to put on the specs that this knife is ground on an 18 inch wheel. Sure gives it a heck of a hollow grind.

Steven Janik

Back to the top.
We have a long way to go on this, so please tell your freinds and customers about our efforts.
This is a great cause.

Rudy Joly

Well-Known Member
I'll do 5 more please.

The check is in the mail, I love you and I won' sorry, I got you mixed up with the ex.
Carry on.