American Style Tanto class in December

Hello Knifemakers and potential Knifemakers,

I will be teaching a three day class December 17-19 on making American style Tantos at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine.

We will be making full tang, cord wrapped, Japanese inspired knives using the stock removal method. There will be no forging involved in this class. I will cover design, double and chisel grinding, clay heat treatment, polishing, etching and handle wrapping. The skills acquired in this class directly translate to making any stock removal knife. I try to keep all techniques simple and repeatable in a home shop. Each student should expect to complete at least one Tanto with a polished and etched temper line(Hamon) and treated cord wrapped handle. There is no prerequisite for this class but students should be familiar with the use of belt sanders and basic shop tools.

New England School of Metalwork is a great facility. I have been teaching there for six years now and it reall is a home away from home. They now have inexpensive on site lodging with full amenities. Auburn is a great town and is 45 minutes from Freeport and Portland and 90 minutes from Camden/Rockport for touristy fun. This will be a really fun, fast paced class.

Check out the details here:

I will also be teaching a four day Basic Forged Blade class with Maker Herbert Kettell in March. Check that out Here:

Please contact me with any questions.