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Discussion in 'Knife Maker Shop Talk' started by Jim Levite, May 6, 2011.

  1. Jim Levite

    Jim Levite Well-Known Member

    I was recienty introduced to an absolutely amazing forge burner. The maker, Stephen Gensheimer is an extremely talented machinist and Blacksmith. He has hundreds of these sold to the Blacksmithing Community which is where I found them. For comparison this burner was run side by side with the T-REX Burner and it outperformed it in every test. Extremely impressive!!

    From the Maker:

    The burners tend to run a neutral to slightly reducing flame throughout the pressure range and have been used to weld billets for hours at a time. The burner is made from drawn over mandrel tubing rather than common black pipe and is accurately drilled in a milling machine fixture before the interior of both the tubing and the holes are honed. The gas injector in these burners is fixture drilled to create a long smooth gas injection orifice before the rest of the injector body is drilled turned and tapped for the gas line fitting in a turret lathe. The two parts of the burner are tig welded together in a very precise fixture and then each burner is tested for function over a wide range of pressure.

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  2. Archer Moon

    Archer Moon Well-Known Member

    Want... No. Need more info!
  3. Jim Levite

    Jim Levite Well-Known Member

    Ok....What are you looking for?
  4. hikerdude07

    hikerdude07 Well-Known Member

    Website or contact info? I'm definitely interested
  5. cappaletti

    cappaletti Well-Known Member

    it sure wud be nice to know how to purchase one of these! more info PLEASE!
  6. Jim Levite

    Jim Levite Well-Known Member

    Here ya go. These burners are $110 for one, $100 for two or more. Price includes Burner and Collar to mount to a new forge. Here is Steve's Email address: Drop him an Email and tell him Jim Levite refered you. He is a GREAT guy to talk to and do business with.
  7. cappaletti

    cappaletti Well-Known Member

    much appreciated...many thanks!
  8. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    Undoubtedly the best venturi burner out there but I was able to build a forge with a blown burner with attachments for the propane supply for not much more than the price of that burner alone. This forge also reaches welding temperature while being stingy with the gas. The T-rex is probably the way to go if one is restricted to using a venturi burner, but if you can run a blower, a blown burner is would be a better choice.

  9. Jim Levite

    Jim Levite Well-Known Member

    This burner beat the T-Rex in every single test done side by side. There is not a Venturi burner equal to it. It is truely an AMAZING burner. I know many like the blown burner but I did not want to rely on electric for my forge. Now it will be easy to drag anywhere.
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  10. Doug Lester

    Doug Lester Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I read your first post too quickly.

  11. Jim Levite

    Jim Levite Well-Known Member

    Not a problem

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