A trio of Frontier Sheaths


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These have been done for a while and I finally got around to processing the images....

An early (1820-1840) Cheyenne style - the rawhide covered and carved body tucks under the belt and the beaded flap goes over the top to keep it from slipping down - the two thongs can then be tied to the belt or as an alternative can be laced through the flap to form a belt loop. The beadwork and carving are based on an earlier (1810 or so) original that was quilled but I used the beads in the same basic colors instead.

here's the original sheath that I used for inspiration

A fairly simple 1870's tack style - bark tan body, braintan cuff, and rawhide lace. The belt goes through the slot and over the body.

A simple way to fix a cracked handle with stitched on rawhide and also it covers up the three rivets that weren't used much until after the late 1880's or so, thus making it more PC for the earlier period. The rawhide is decoed with brass tacks and three line cord wraps. It's a small Russell Green river (hunter's style?) knife

and last but not least - an 1870's So. Cheyenne style for a VERY large handled knife and lots of fooferaw including: beadwork, hawk bells, brain tan fringe, tin cone tinklers, brass tacks, spots, bone hair pipe, buffalo hair fluff, sand a bit of carving on the rawhide covered body..


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Thanks for posting your work Chuck. I always look forward to seeing what your doing. I'm a big fan of your kinda leather work. RS