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Les Voorhies

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I witnessed a fiasco a few years ago with a guy who wanted to start a new forum, he had a contest to have members see how many new members people could bring in. Some of the members alienated themselves by PMing people on forums that they belonged to and got some people pretty mad. So make sure when you invite people that you do it by e-mail so we don't invite trouble into a nice friendly forum :)
Good point. Last thing I want to is annoy other forum owners. I will be inviting other forums to visit and see what I can do about setting some presence up for them here.

In any case, low profile and no big spam runs....
can you tell me how I can replace the generic Vbulletin logo with our own logo?

OK I can't remember if it works the same way the postnuke does or not, the admin control panel for VB is very extensive and there might be something in the area about forum appearance but if not look around in the folder that contains the image files and see if you can find the header .GIF or it might be .JPG. You can also look for themes for VB but I know that someone on the VB help forums can point you in the right direction faster than I can.