A puuko for the CZEN challenge 2017


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A friend from another forum is dead that year and for his memory commemoration the CZEN challenge has for theme the PUUKO a sort of knife he enjoyed especially. I did that one with O2 tool steel 4mm thick, 10 cm sharp (more or less), beadblasted. brass and oak for the handle.

A small leather tuxedo for the knife.

Very nice memorial for your friend. Such a simple, beautiful design.

Which reminded me, my best friend had an Opinel folder with the twist lock. Cheap and workable. A few years ago he mentioned in an email that he sure missed that knife. I asked if he wanted it because he gave it to me around 1982 when he was moving to the city and thought it would be illegal. He was stunned. You have it? I didn't know! I sent it to him and he was overjoyed. This winter he died. I hope one of his daughters finds it and uses it.

C Craft

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I am sure your friend is smiling down on you right now for this special tribute! Great knife and sheath!!