A pair of Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL's

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Both knives are 9" open, 5" closed with a 4" blade. Both have IKBS on a .25" pivot riding on grade 5 ceramic balls. They also have a ceramic grade 5 detent ball, lock face carbidized and an internal stop pin.

First up is the linerlock. It features front and rear titanium bolsters, titanium liners, titanium backspacer and a carved titanium clip. All titanium surfaces are orange peeled. In the middle are LSCF scales. All hardware is polished. An Elmax blade rounds it out.
Cruze-XL linerlock 1.jpgCruze-XL linerlock 2.jpgCruze-XL linerlock 3.jpgCruze-XL linerlock 4.jpgCruze-XL linerlock 5.jpgCruze-XL linerlock 6.jpg

Next up is the framelock. It features a smooth finish on the frames with a little dark anodize. The blade in this knife is HHH damascus from Randy Haas. It is 1095 and 15N20. I chose to satin and polish the blade. The black etch just didn't match the knife. The rest of the components are the same as the linerlock. Thanks for looking.

Cruze-XL framelock 3.jpgCruze-XL framelock 2.jpgCruze-XL framelock 1.jpgCruze-XL framelock 4.jpg

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Dave These look great! The Liner lock is awesome, great combination of materials brother!!

Im lovin the look of the polished damascus blade on that frame lock! Thats quite a impressive pair!